Creating an account will allow you to view all orders or products you have purchased.  We are continuously updating our site to provide you with more options to add to your profile.

We accept debit cards, major credit card (Visa, MasterCard) Aquatic-Tours Gift Cards and Cash

All prices are listed under each service.  Aquatic Tours, LLC reserves the right to adjust pricing and often announces discounts and package combo’s. If you have questions about pricing or current promotions, please ask your Aquatic Tours DiveMaster or Instructor. 

Aquatic Tours, LLC organizes group trips on a monthly bases. If you have a group of certified Open Water divers and you want to charter a private trip, submit your inquiry and possible destination to our DiveMaster.

Great talent is hard to find.  If you are interested in becoming a NAUI certified assistant or Scuba Instructor, contact our management office for the latest openings. 

It is always best to purchase your very own gear and equipment.  This way, you become familiar with the placement, care and operation of the gear you own. 

Bulk ordering may provide you a qualifying discount.  Be sure to contact our DiveMaster for bulk pricing and discounts.

Aquatic Tours does will approve refunds for equipment that have been purchased through our store.  Returns are accepted within 30 days from date of purchase. However, we do not provide refunds on Scuba classes or digital products. 

Our knowledgable team will make sure the equipment or products you purchase are properly fitted to you and to your needs. 

If shipping of an item is required, Aquatic Tours will provide the buyer with shipping and tracking info via the carrier that is used. 

Aquatic Tours will provide equipment for use of Open Water Scuba & Discover Scuba classes.  The cost of this equipment is included in total price. 

Proper care and maintenance of your equipment is essential. It is important to thoroughly clean all of your gear after each use.  Salt water and chlorine (pool water) are harsh to your equipment and require deep cleaning after each use.

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